Vera van der Bie

Violin playing is something most people mainly associate with classical music, and although I occasionally find myself in such settings, my practice has expanded in many directions since I received my classical music degree.

Besides playing the violin, I now also play electric violin (with effects), viola and musical saw and will occasionally sing. I have an acoustic string quartet called “Quartet Quinetique” and an electric string trio called “West Side Trio”. For both groups I also write and arrange music. The styles of both groups are very different, but both use improvisation and play original music. If you want to hear some, Spotify is your friend: “Sketchbook” and “Birds!” by Quinetique are on there and so is “Apocalyptic Sunrise” by WST. And go check out our websites!

Apart from these groups I play and have played in quite a few bands, ensembles and orchestras. I’ll put a little list below for those of you who are interested in that.

Then there’s being a studio musician. Yes, I’ve been doing that for quite a while, and you can hear me on over a 100 CDs, various DVDs and quite a few movies and tv-series, which I will not list below. You’re welcome. With my company Omnivorous Music, together with composer/arranger Tom Trapp, I can take care of everything your recording session needs, so just ask!

Sometimes I do solo performances, or write some music or arrangements for others. A lot of possibilities. Not gonna list those either, you’re welcome again.

So, finally, here’s that list of some groups and people I’ve worked with. Enjoy if you’re interested. Hope to see you at a concert sometime soon!

Martin Fondse Orchestra, The Leonids, Lenine, Hans Dagelet, Rosto, Esther Apituley, Tini Thomsen, Yentl en de Boer, Fay Lovsky, Bill Laurance Project, Jonathan Jeremiah, Izaline Calister, J├Ârgen Raymann, Zandzemble, Sonja van Hamel, Ellen ten Damme, Fratsen, Niels Bijl, Ken Stringfellow, Douwe Bob, Wende Snijders, Jargon, Zapp4, Metropole Orkest,