Laura Klinkenberg

Laura Klinkenberg was born in 1992 in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

She started her studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, where she began to research the space between herself and others.

One of the most important questions Laura is concerned with in her work is: ‘How do I bring the space between myself and others – the interspace – into motion?’

Laura uses the body with its physical presence as a tool to examine the interspace, the social space, which is teeming with meanings, feelings and habits. She won several art prizes for her work such as the GRA Award for Applied Arts with her graduation work in 2015:

‘In four well-defined and well presented works, Laura Klinkenberg makes us – as humans – see the relations we have with our body and the bodies of others, both human and artificial, in a different light. In her works, instead of wearing we are worn, every handshake leaves a slight trace of gold on the hand shaken, and strangers can be uncomfortably locked into an intimate struggle through shared jewellery. Her overall presentation is a well thought of choice in combination of media. Klinkenberg’s work seems subtle as well as big, both profound in their consequences.’ – GRA Award Jury