Arta Balina

Arta Balina is a visual artist born in 1983, Riga, Latvia. Arta uses multiple mediums in her practice – performance, drawing, text and video. Arta graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy (Amsterdam) audio visual department in 2016. Her inspiration mainly comes from social contexts and paradoxes. Arta’s short films have been screened in the Eye film museum and in various festivals and events in the Netherlands. Arta has performed in the OBA library, Stedelijk museum, Brakke Grond and the Eye film museum.

Besides her individual art practice she is also a co-founder of an art collective DAY. DAY is crossing the borders that often have to do with ‘unspoken deals’. While falling into the logical misunderstanding of our unideal environment, DAY reveals other ways of looking beyond image. Apart from making personal works DAY collective is interested in practicing art process with other people of any age and beliefs, where the open dialogue, a new experience, the challenge and an exchange of views take place. The scope of DAY’s projects include creative upcycling workshops for children and adults.