Urban Resort


The VLUGT: a warm cultural nest where creation, production and programming takes place. Named after the street on which the broedpaats is located, the classrooms of this former domestic science school now serve as a studio, office and sound, film or photo studio. VLUGT has been around for more than ten years and during this time has made a lot of connections with the neighborhood in which it is located.

Every day there is something to do in De VLUGT. Not only as a spectator at performances or lectures, but also as a participant in workshops and other activities. The cultural offer relates to the residents of Nieuw West.

Our building is now being renovated and redeveloped into a new, fresh broedplaats that can move forward for the next 10 years and continue to leave its mark on the neighborhood.

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Studio Nygaard door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

Studio Nygaard door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

ICK Amsterdam door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

GOLEB door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna