Urban Resort


The VLUGT: a warm cultural nest where creation, production and programming takes place.

De Vlugt is a neighbourhood-oriented breeding ground and cultural center. This means that in this building not only artists work on their special projects, but that the residents of the surrounding Slotermeer neighborhood are also part of what is created within these walls. De Vlugt does this by offering a program full of workshops, performances, lectures and many more activities that mainly focus on the neighbourhood.

De Vlugt combines studios where people work in seclusion, with public spaces where visitors can go for exhibitions, lessons, workshops and meet-ups. There is a large room with eighty seats where theatre, dance and other performing arts are performed. In addition, there are a number of practice and workshop rooms where one day a professional company rehearses and the next day local young people take their very first steps on stage. After all those (in) exciting activities, there is of course also a need for relaxation. In De Vlugt you can also enjoy a snack and a drink, for prices that are geared to the sometimes small wallets of both our artists and the local residents to whom the door is open.


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Studio Nygaard door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

Studio Nygaard door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

ICK Amsterdam door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna

GOLEB door (c) Jimena Gabriella Gauna