Bye Bye Jaap | The Next Resort | Friday January 25 | RADION |

Come and celebrate 12 years of experiments and creation in the city of Amsterdam led by founder and director Jaap Draaisma! 

Eveningprogramme: 20:30-22:15

* Jaap Draaisma
* Klaske Oenema
* ICK supported artist CHRONOS
* Hay Schoolmeester en Risa Takita
* Boukje Cnossen

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From 22:00 you can just walk inside!

Nightprogramme: 22:15-05:00

* Valentijn Presents: Lil’ David D

* Zwart Licht

* Fox & Mink
* Jacky D
* Wouda | Dopeness Galore
* Onderhonden


Visuals and installations by Boaz van der Ban, Maarten van der Glas and Vladimir Grafov.

Looking back at 12 years of ‘breeding spaces’ in Amsterdam. We welcome you during the cultural event of 2019. A unique multidisciplinary event with visual arts, (light)installations, performances, theater, audiovisual art, bands, DJ’s and thrilling stories about and from the already 17 breeding spaces of Urban Resort and her position in the city.

Throughout the evening and night, we say goodbye to the founder and director Jaap Draaisma and we welcome his successor Zafer Yurdakul. After more than 11 years Jaap will leave the foundation. He is now spreading his wings to neighbor cities Almere, Lelystad and Purmerend.

In all these years he has enriched our city with vibrant breeding spaces to give creatives and social initiatives the space to work, develop and experiment. Places where the neighborhood can meet and that contribute to the freedom and diversity of the city. Where communities are built and artists have the opportunity to grow.

During the evening program the story of Urban Resort and Jaap will be alternated with a program of artists, makers and musicians. We guide you through the genesis of breeding spaces, its relevance for the city and where we are today: a retrospective of 12 years of breeding spaces with experiment and creation from the locations itself, such as Volkshotel, de VLUGT, ACTA, LELY, SUP and more.

After the evening program we enter the night and celebrate all the contributions Jaap offered the city and we dance into the future guided by a crazy line-up.

Evening Program: 20:30-22:30
Night Program: 22:30-05:00

Free Entry.
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Our program and line-up will be announced in January on Facebook and our website!