Latex Repair by Amber Reijmers

After almost 20 years in the latex business I can say I know something about latex. At this moment I am not making latex clothing anymore, but I am teaching others how to do so, groups, shops and schools.

Starting point is the basic workshop. After that students can join the workshop latex bra making or latex corset.

Around 10% of the students start their own latex brand after these courses.

Besides the latex courses, I advise well known and well un known national and international (fashion) designers, interior designers, hospitals, a solar team, fashion students and many more.

And I sell latex sheets, latex paint, tools and more online by my web shop. The possibilities are endless. A lot of different colors, different thickness. Smooth latex or beautiful and very exclusive handmade latex sheeting.

I make also latex sheeting and latex labels for several companies and latex brands.