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COVID-19 Emergency fund tenants Urban Resort

We have already announced in previous newsletters that Urban Resort is establishing an emergency fund. An emergency fund that is intended to provide some help to tenants, who have been seriously affected by the pandemic and the measures against it.

We have seen that some tenants have payment problems due to the first lockdown and expect that in the current second wave, and with the ongoing measures, more tenants will experience payment arrears. Of course we understand that the pandemic will ultimately affect all tenants in one way or another. But we want to use the emergency fund in particular to support those tenants who otherwise might not be able to keep their heads above water and are forced to give up their space.
The emergency fund started the first round at the beginning of November and we have already been able to award 30 applications.


Second round: applications before January 15, 2021

We now start with the second (and last) round. Financially affected tenants can apply for this. The application covers the period November and December and must be submitted before 15 January next.




To be eligible for the Urban Resort emergency fund, a motivated application must be submitted using the appropriate application form. The tenant must substantiate why he / she has gotten into financial difficulties as a result of Corona and why compensation is requested for part of the payment arrears.

In addition, the tenant sends an estimate of costs and income for the past period and also for the coming period.



The emergency fund consists of a subsidy from Bureau Broedplaatsen Amsterdam and its own financial resources from Urban Resort, and is divided into building budgets. After the first round of applications has been awarded, a total amount of 100K remains in the fund. The fund is not expected to be sufficient to fully honor all requests from tenants. It is assumed that only the most affected tenants are eligible for an allowance of a maximum of 1 to 2 months rent arrears. Exceptions are not taken into account. For the remaining part of the payment arrears, the tenant must make or have already made a payment arrangement with Urban Resort.


Application handling

For some time now, a number of tenants have been busy setting up a tenants’ committee of Urban Resort tenants. This initiative group regularly consults with both the tenants and Urban Resort. Urban Resort has drawn up criteria and an explanation for submitting an application for the emergency fund. The tenants committee has acted as a sounding board for this. This includes the manner of applications, the handling and assessment of applications. For the latter, we have drawn up a number of criteria that will help to quickly reach decisions and can also serve as accountability towards the tenants, the board of UR and the municipality of Amsterdam.


Hard criteria

  • -> Tenant has a need to call on the emergency fund.
  • -> The tenant can demonstrably not repay the payment arrears (period 14 March to 31 December 2020) via a long payment arrangement.
  • -> The tenant belongs to the sectors that have been hit hard by the Corona crisis (performing arts, events, dependence on the public, self-employed in the arts without a buffer, part-time job in the affected sector, or otherwise but demonstrably).
  • -> Tenants who rent housing accommodation and who are in danger of losing outweigh tenants who apply for work space.
  • -> CAWA tenants weigh more heavily than non-Cawa tenants.
  • -> Tenants who do not qualify for other emergency funds (eg people with a wrong SBI code or non-Dutch tenants) weigh more heavily than tenants who do qualify for this.
  • -> The tenant has already concluded a payment arrangement with UR, or will enter into a payment arrangement for his / her remaining payment arrears.


Soft Criteria

  • -> Tenants without a payment arrangement, but who are still in trouble, are included in the procedure if they need to do so.
  • -> The activities / involvement of the tenant benefits the community of the broedplaats and / or the neighborhood.
  • -> The tenant will continue to rent and has the intention to do so.
  • -> Tenants who are forced by Covid to give up their space can still submit an application to the emergency fund on the basis of a motivated application.



Applications are handled by Urban Resort employees in collaboration with representatives of the Urban Resort Tenants Committee. There are two rounds for submitting applications:


An application for the period November and December must be submitted before January 15th.


It is possible to submit an application directly to the emergency fund. Send the completed application form with motivation and any attachments to:


Objections Committee

If the tenant does not agree with the state of affairs regarding his / her application to the emergency fund, he / she can turn to the objection committee consisting of a member of the tenants’ committee, an external (independent) member and someone from Urban Resort.


Download letter: Urban Resort emergency fund started
Download form: Aanvraagformulier Noodfonds Urban Resort

For more information, you can send an email to